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What We Do

Consumers purchase behaviour has changed. Retailers should use technology for operational excellence and expose store merchandising trends in real time for better,faster and learner business. Read More

How We Do It

Rational unified process has matured over many years and reflects the collective experience of many people and companies that make up rational softwares rich heritage today.Read More

Who Are We

As the bird flies with two wings, EXTO flies even more higher with two, More stronger wings. Our approach to each wing is different. our first wing is enhanced and technologically sound.Read More

Business Modeling

Analyse & Design


Most of the organisations say that they are different and they are unique.
But Exto says,
Every client who join hands with us is made to feel different and unique.
And that sets us really unique.!!!
We plan ALOT, design ALOT, code ALOT
for making our clients "STRESS FREE".
we take the risk,
we take the responsibilities.
we manage the change and increase the gain.

Retail faces the challenges and opportunities and helps the clients to channelize, mobilize and socialize. Retailing is on Consulting, Technology and Sourcing to help clients and provide efficient operations and end to end out sourcing.

It places the vital management information in the right hands,at the right time and eases the communication process across the enterprise. Accelerating innovations. Efficient operations.

EXTO has rolled out the RED CARPET for another addition to its fast growing family. Combining the power of the conventional commercial printing with that of the newest technology in the market. EXTO has welcomed an on line printing service software.

The individualized customer service, leading edge technology and cost reducing expertise will place exto in a ever evolving arena. We apply relevant domain insights, and act as a solution accelerates to deliver tangible business results.

As well as providing technology and expertise. EXTO always works with future analyzers and technical developers to harness local knowledge and experience. CIMS offers a unique combination of TECHNOLOGY & INFRASTRUCTURE.

EXTO technology centers through the most advanced IT tools 24hours a day, seven days a week.